Hotel Majestic Nimes
Hotel Majestic Nimes

Charming hotel at Nimes : the Majestic


Since 1978, it takes place third Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September. It is said more spontaneous and family than his big sister of Pentecost… The Arenas are closed with the visit during all the feria.
ENCIERRO: common noun of Provence of the verb ' abriva' (to accelerate, excite). The bulls are released d' an end with l' other of the street of the village, framed or not by gardians with horse.

ABRIVADO: arrival of the bulls, framed by the gardians, since their place of pasture jusqu' with the arenas. The population tries to make escape the bulls by romprant the barrier formed by the horses from the gardians.

PÉGOULADE: Of N.C.f. of Provence pegoulado: torchlight procession. Derived from pego indicating the pitch of the torches of antan. Walk with the torches in the nights of festival to which share all those take which want to carry a torch (dressed up or not but formerly children disguised). Aujourd' today spectacle déambulatoire composed of tanks, brass bands and bandaged. .
BANDAS: Bandas are orchestras of music of festival, brass bands equipped with bright colors, sometimes accompanied dancers, who can be replaced at the time of the ferias by festayres. Bandaged are in the south-west of France thus qu' in Spain, and elsewhere in the world, for example in Brazil. In the south of France and in Spain, much of cities have their own group of bandas.

Hotel 2 étoiles Le Majestic - 10 rue Pradier – 30000 Nimes – Gard – France
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